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Fairlawn Cemetery has many spaces available for purchase. We have recently opened areas for purchase. There are many great spaces to choose from. We have developed plans that are already being made for a columbaria and expansion of the grounds itself. Whether you are trying to find a friend or family member buried here, or are looking for a place to forever lay a loved one to rest, Fairlawn Cemetery has the knowledge and compassion to make sure your every need is met when the time comes.

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Starting in the late 1800's Fairlawn is the oldest cemetery in Stillwater. Within an area of forty acres of beautiful land lies over 11,000 interments. In the older sections you will find the final resting places of pioneers who founded and helped build the early town of Stillwater. Many streets and landmarks are named after these early pioneers and leaders. Throughtout Fairlawn are many educators and athletic coaches of Oklahoma State University. It is our honor to provide a wonderful place for loved ones in their final rest. With the inclusion of the Angels Garden, Tiny Angels Garden, and the Veterans Memorial, Fairlawn Cemetery offers a great setting for anyone who visits. This cemetery is not owned by the City of Stillwater but by the families of the loved ones who rest here. Fairlawn is a non-profit association governed by an elected board of directors. It is the many thanks to the men and women of this board who have helped maintain and developed this cemetery, over many years, to what it is today.

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Here at Fairlawn we have a full office with public restrooms for both men and women. Our doors are always open to all during business hours. Within the gazebo is information and maps to help locate loved ones in the fully marked cemetery. With paved roads, and continuing road improvement, Fairlawn is a great place to go for a walk in the piece and quiet. The staff, of Fairlawn in Stillwater Oklahoma, consists of full-time employees that maintain the grounds and burials. They are overseen by the board of elected members so all can be involved. Our staff is always ready and pleased to help find a loved one buried here. When choosing your ideal family plot our staff is ready to help with your choices and needs.

Fairlawn Cemetery

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Whether you are trying to find a friend or family member buried here, or are looking for a place to forever lay a loved one to rest, Fairlawn Cemetery, has the knowledge and compassion to make sure your every need is met when the time comes.


Fairlawn Cemetery has many spaces available for purchase. With areas recently opened for purchase there are many great spaces to choose from. Future plans are already being made for a columbaria and expansion of the grounds itself.

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We are available Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

1123 East 6th Avenue
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Columbarium Niches are now available for purchase at Fairlawn Cemetery. Generous donors have made it possible for Fairlawn to build the columbarium, which is a repository for urns holding remains of those preferring cremation (“cremains”). Fairlawn’s new columbarium will be one of the most beautiful in Oklahoma.
It was installed in the heart of the historic cemetery and dedicated on Memorial Day 2022. Two urns will fit in each niche. To purchase a niche, please contact Mike Moody or any Fairlawn Cemetery board member.
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Events & Announcements

November 2021 update from Board Chair Lou Watkins

Dear Friend,

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, we hope you’ll receive Fairlawn’s end-of-year letter with awareness of the deep gratitude we have for your support, concern, and care for our beloved cemetery, Stillwater’s historic landmark of peace and beauty since at least 1886.

If you’ve visited Fairlawn lately, you are aware that it has never looked better, thanks to Sexton Mike and his crew and Landscaping Chair Bonnie Petty and her crew. You also may have seen the construction site for our new Columbarium Plaza which will be one of the most beautiful in Oklahoma. This is your invitation to come to see the happenings at Fairlawn!

Also, here are a few more news items and opportunities:

  1. “Wreaths Across America at Fairlawn” - Wreath-laying, calling each veteran by name and thanking them for their service, will take place at 11 am on Saturday, December 18. We are nearing our goal to be able to purchase a beautiful live Balsam wreath for every veteran (1,472) buried at Fairlawn. Please consider sponsoring this event ($300, $500, $1,000, or $1500+) and/or purchasing one or more wreaths for only $15 each. Donations are tax-deductible.

  2. Columbarium niches, each holding two urns, are discounted 20% until construction of the columbarium is complete. Contact Sexton Mike if you are interested: 405-372-8603.

  3. Friends of Fairlawn” - 2022 memberships are due for this important support group. Tax-deductible donations are still only $15 per individual, $25 per family or group, and $150 per business.

  4. Fairlawn’s Veterans Day ceremony by Stillwater’s American Legion will be at 9 am on Thursday, November 11, with sweets and savories served with coffee afterward. Active and retired military and their families are encouraged to wear uniforms or other insignia of service. All are welcome!

  5. Our final [email protected] fundraising dinner will be held from 5 to 7 pm at The Garage on Tuesday, Nov 9. This always is a fun, fun event!! Come and join us!

  6. Our last Fairlawn Board meeting for the year traditionally is a Christmas party, this year from 1 to 2 pm on Tuesday, December 14, with YOU AND YOURS invited for hot chocolate, coffee, and delicious holiday sweets and savories. Come, join us, and let us know if you’d like to bring a treat!!!


"Friends of Fairlawn" - Our support group for ongoing activities and for our perpetuity savings account. Annual Membership is $15 for an individual, $25 for a family or an organization, and $150 for corporate support. Members are honored at the spring Annual Meeting.

Third Monday of Every Month

Meetings of the Fairlawn Cemetery Preservation Society are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at the cemetery office. We begin at 1pm and adjourn at 2pm. Come join us!


Stillwater's Fairlawn Cemetery has its Annual Meeting and Fundraiser. Date, Time, Location TBA.
Watch for fundraisers for Wreaths Across America. Wreath donations (for which we are VERY grateful!) may be mailed to: Fairlawn Cemetery, Box 1483, Stillwater, OK 74076.
"Into The Streets" - OSU's spring volunteer project - 50 to 75 OSU students come at a date TBD in the spring to de-litter the cemetery, followed by lunch. You are welcome to help!

Memorial Day

Visit Fairlawn each Memorial Day for our Memorial Day Program
Watch for news about the unveiling of the new columbarium (link to columbarium info)


OSU's Fall "Into The Streets" - 50 to 75 OSU student de-litter our cemetery, followed by a wonderful donated lunch. Date is TBD in the Fall. Let us know if you want to help with work and/or lunch!


Wreaths Across America Remembrance Ceremony at Fairlawn Cemetery - Join us for a short but beautiful Remembrance Service, followed by the laying of a live balsam wreath on each veteran's grave, audibly stating their name and thanking them for their service. Fellowship, a light lunch, and Christmas goodies will follow. Service members are invited to wear their uniforms or other symbols of their service.
1123 East 6th Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 372-8603
Monday - Friday
8am - 4pm
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