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About Fairlawn

Starting in the late 1800's Fairlawn is the oldest cemetery in Stillwater. Within an area of forty acres of beautiful land lies over 11,000 interments. In the older sections you will find the final resting places of pioneers who founded and helped build the early town of Stillwater. Many streets and landmarks are named after these early pioneers and leaders. Throughout Fairlawn are many educators and athletic coaches of Oklahoma State University. It is our honor to provide a wonderful place for loved ones in their final rest. With the inclusion of the Angels Garden, Tiny Angels Garden, and the Veterans Memorial, Fairlawn Cemetery offers a great setting for anyone who visits.

Our Heritage

This cemetery is not owned by the City of Stillwater but by the families of the loved ones who rest here. Fairlawn Cemetery is a non-profit association governed by an elected board of directors. It is the many thanks to the men and women of this board who have helped maintain and developed this cemetery, over many years, to what it is today.

Our Facilities

Here at Fairlawn we have a full office with public restrooms for both men and women. Our doors are always open to all during business hours. Within the gazebo is information and maps to help locate loved ones in the fully marked cemetery. With paved roads, and continuing road improvement, Fairlawn is a great place to go for a walk in the peace and quiet.

Our Staff

The staff, of Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater Oklahoma, consists of full-time employees that maintain the grounds and burials. They are overseen by the board of elected members so all can be involved. Our staff is always ready and pleased to help find a loved one buried here. When choosing your ideal family plot our staff is ready to help with your choices and needs.

Our Community

Springing to life before Oklahoma was even a state, Stillwater is a thriving small city with many opportunities. With Oklahoma State University, located here, there is almost always something to do. The people of Stillwater are among the nicest and helpful of any around this whole state.
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