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Your generostiy helps keep Fairlawn Cemetery in beautiful condition for the stories it holds.

Your Choice Of Funeral

Fairlawn works with funeral homes and families alike to provide funerals and resting places tailored to your wishes. We have the equipment and the knowledge to assure you that its done right.
"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"

- Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

Perpetual Care

Fairlawn Cemetery keeps constant maintenence of the grounds. Mowing and trimming of grass and trees is done full time by our staff. We take pride in making Fairlawn look its best for the ones at rest here.

Honoring Life

To stay with traditional cemetery style, Fairlawn Cemetery allows different styles of head stones or other markers of loved ones.


Obituaries can easily be found on funeral home and newspaper websites.

Funeral Services

Fairlawn offers casketed and cremation burials. 

Also inurnments of cremains in Fairlawn’s beautiful Columbarium. 

Working in conjunction with your funeral home, to suit any need.

Other Services

Monument design and sales
Engraving: (Final Dates, panels, phrases, artwork)
Porcelain Cameos
Let us know what we can do for you and your family.

Online List of Interments

We keep an up-to-date listing of interments at Fairlawn Cemetery.

Click Here to view a list of Interments in PDF form.

Prices and Fees

We provide a list of current prices and fees for our various services.

Click Here to view the Prices and Fees in PDF form.
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