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Fairlawn Cemetery Heritage Stories

Edward Clark Gallagher (b. 5 Oct 1887 - d. 30 Aug 1940) was a 1909 graduate of Oklahoma A&M with a degree in Engineering, and was Head Wrestling Coach 1916-1940. Gallagher was given the nickname “the Dean of Collegiate Wrestling” by The New York Times., and between 1917 and 1939, his teams won 11 NCAA Championships.
Henry Iba (b. 6 Aug 1904 - d. 15 Jan 1993) was Head basketball Coach of OSU for 36 years, 1934-1970. His teams won 2 NCAA Men’s Division Championships, making Iba the only coach in history to win 2 gold medals or to coach 3 Olympic teams. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1965. And of course, these exceptional individuals are the namesakes of OSU’s Gallagher-Iba Arena.
Otto Gray
● Dr. Rev. Allen S. Davis

● Dr. Rev. Davis served as minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater 1919-1942.

■ Bohumil Makovsky (b. 23 Sep 1878 - d. 12 June 1950) Born in Stillwater, Makovsky was the Band Director and Head of the Music Department at Oklahoma A&M 1915-1945. He was a founder of Kappa Kappa Psi (a band fraternity), and was Grand President 1927-1929. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1938.

■ Bob Fenimore (b. 6 Oct 1925 - d. 28 July 2010) Known as the “Blonde Bomber”, Fenimore was the half back for Oklahoma A&M 1943-1946. He was Oklahoma A&M’s first two-time All American, and he played both offense and defense. In 1945, he led the Aggies to the National Championship and had a perfect, undefeated season. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears, and was the top draft pick in 1947 for the NFL. Fenimore was inducted into the National College Football Hall of Fame in 1972, as well as the Helms Football Hall of Fame, the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame, the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame, the OSU College of Education Hall of Honor, the OSU Track Hall of Honor, the OSU Distinguished Alumni Award, the OSU Track Hall of Honor and the OSU Foundation Board of Governors.

■ William Wiley Abercrombie (b. 16 April 1846 - d. 1 March 1908.) In 1981, Abercrombie moved to Stillwater, which at that time was a small village. He and his family (who consisted of 11 children) were among the first settlers of Stillwater. He served as mayor of Stillwater in 1902. Abercrombie established Stillwater’s first electric power plant in 1896, and later turned the electrical system over to the City of Stillwater. He and his son-in-law, Pete Miller, established the Abercrombie and Miller cotton gin in 1896, as well as a meat market, grocery store and several other buildings. In 1891, he built the oldest masonry house in the territory, which still stands (now a local business) on 623 S Lewis St.

■ James E. Berry (b. 2 Oct 1891 - s. 23 Nov 1966)  Berry was named President of Stillwater National Bank in 1929, and associated with the bank his entire life. He was Lt. Governor of Oklahoma 1935-1955, and was named to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1953.

■ Nora Amaryllis Talbot (b. 30 Aug 1878 - d. 7 Jan 1970) Talbot came to Stillwater with her parents in 1892. She became the Dean of the College of Home Economics at Oklahoma A&M in 1924, and remained Dean for 27 years. She was named to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1956.

■ J.B. Perky (b. 6 Sep 1901 - d. 8 June 1970)
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